Passion of millions and billions

Is it about the destination we visit? No! Is it about the way we choose to reach the destination? Of course no! But, it's the love for the passion of riders, a passion that lives in millions and billions.....


Its nothing but… something… more than a world..

Long or short ago, In an unspecified time, Toddlers started to crawl, It's a clamber of madness! An utopia is evolved with  It's king and queen of highly crapped, Everything around them are the subjects, The one who always wears the yellow dress is the leader. all the creatures are born for them. The queen has … Continue reading Its nothing but… something… more than a world..

Brand new vocabulary of an artist..

  It is truly heard that an artist has a different language and it could be known only to those who understand the same language. Let others quibble their woe as they sometimes don't understand what an artist meant by the art, though he has his own language to express his thoughts. As some of us are normal guys stood on … Continue reading Brand new vocabulary of an artist..

I am a dancer…

Let the clouds roar, splashes few drops which leads to rain, I am game , and in the excitement I overjoy with few steps, I spread my feathery fans and I forget myself in some world which people call it as a talent called dance...

Preserve the beauty..

        We are the beauticians to rejuvenate Nature now, its charm is losing and who knows to which hell are we leading to.... Its true that one who is charmless is less noticed, but here, the charm is less noticed. striving a lot one could achieve many things. In our busy days, we might not have remembered the beautiful nature and have hurt her too. Now here … Continue reading Preserve the beauty..