I wish to be there..

From the world of wonders,
I got a letter of wandering wonder,
And it almost says about a wonder,
Which said about me as the wonder!

It was a letter from sleeping beauty,
And the words in the letter are her dreams!
She calls me dearest of dearest,
Then says I’m the wonder which she percieves anywhere,
I’m the sound which she listens in the ether,
I’m the food which appease her hungry heart,
I’m the water by which she quenches her thirstful throat !
I’m the bed which she always sleep soundly!
I’m words which she speaks and hear,
I’m the air which she breathes,
I’m the adorable dress which always embraces her!”

Those universal truths she revealed are
Unimaginable for me from the people of earth!

These messages were sent to me
By the wandering clouds, Shining stars,
Brightful moon, and the universal messenger, the sun!
Let me get more and more messages
Which she sends through these messengers,
Because I am born for her who is born for me!

Sleeping beauty of fantasy may be just fantasy,
But my sleeping beauty is unlike that of fantasy!
Her messages show me how beautiful she is,
When she is mine, and I’m hers,
I have only one thing to do-
To fulfill her sleepful dream to be a reality,
I wish I would b there when my sleeping beauty awakes…



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