March 22

No one knows your evolution,
No one ever tried to know your source,
Because we know your are sourceless
And evolved as you are now..

Being the best portion of our nature
You teach us many lessons as a teacher!
Your life and the deeds are the mystery
Which we always moon over as the best in the history!

The lesson of you being adjusted to anything,
With all the pains and gains you become everything!
Your colorless attitude teaches us your simplicity,
By which you adjust with other colors of complexity!

Your flux through all type of hollows,
Your moulding the shape of what you follow,
Preaches us the dignity you maintain,
The happiness you maintain and Dance as fountain!

To the angry roaring clouds, you behave angrily
To devastate anything you get,
You are uncontrollable then,
You can’t be apologized once you are enraged!

Your extreme extremity is a destruction,
And we call you then as flood
You absentive silence is drought,
The another intolerable convulsion!

We know , all it is because of our follies,
We apologize for making you angry..
Your simplicity would help us
To enjoy your beauty further and further…

Each and every atom of you is our life,
Our life is with you and with you alone,
To you, our dearest water,
We are indebt as you are our life..



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