Veiling with a MaSk…

Consciousness within the unconsciousness

Once said me “The world is so blind where darkness

Is known really and nearly with a perfect shape!

When you take the shape of an artist,

You tend to picture the shades of different status

As a teacher, police, engineer, advocate and so on

Whose movements of life are to calm down the

Hitches of other dreamers of the same home called world!”


It’s words were still heard clearly

“You are on the way that of market,

Where many things are seen on either sides,

At a point you see a shop of different masks,

Where you can choose only one,

As it has no guarantee you can’t return it back!

There are the masks of a doctor, engineer, minister,

Accountant, labourer and many limitless faces!

The next steps to be walked up are wearing the masks,

And it makes you compulsory to wear it as you have

No other way to flee away from the way!

Nobody knows where you would bound,

But, you have to move on with apposite

Deeds of the mask and you get accustomed to it!

All through the way, your mask supports to step on!

If you disguise with another mask, either, you win or lose,

It depends on the luck that follows you!

But my dear, my advice to you, whatever be the mask,

Walk on the right way to cheer the other maskers!”


Echoing words of unconsciousness had evoked

The real consciousness in me to awaken my conscience…



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