Bond that is bold

Many a thing to see upon

In a world which is open

Where closeness plunged deep

Inside where it rightly deserves to creep!

You scribble on me hardly,

You scratch on me so painfully,

You thrust strong on me

To reveal everything to me

You know, whether you scribble,

Or you scratch, or thrust or nibble,

I am hurt never more or less,

As it always makes a smile of bliss.

Because more than that, you paint

Striking pictures of my conscience,

Adorn me with your magical power

As you craft everything for a lover.

Your way of approach is a surprise,

The climax, each time you leave me is a phrase

To recollect, remember, often and often

And smile at it often and often and often..

You dance on me well as I am a stage

Of strong base and solid mind to encourage

For each and every blunder you do

Of no matter the audience is one or two…

Since the time you found me,

A rigid bond has been born

That nothing can secede us both,

Not even the time would dare to do…

Because of our bold bond,

A new utopia has evolved where

Many things happen uncaring the time

That even sunset happens at the dawn..

We are born to live on together,


When you are called streaking “QUILL

I am called  glorious “DIARY”….








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