Unrequited desires….

                    Never had or expected such a time,

When we were parts of impish crime;

There was one to conquer us,

His eyes were the only huge fuss!

Let he be called head master,

thence we are called crack blasters!

Physics may be the best yawning,

But English generates the best dozing,

Maths is the best gaffe with digits,

But chemistry is the terror clown with rigid,

When dishonest are teachers,

But kings are we cheaters!

Elders used to be in front of us and we are humble,

But when we are out of them, we are really jumble;

Quite often, I drown in those recalling days.

Because many moments take me there in many ways!

I’m waiting for those days, will those come ever?

Still I wait for those though never, never, never!



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