The joy of dressing..

In an autumn morning,

Shining was the bright sun,

When the chill breeze took

Away the shining dust,

It was a time for the last!


With a broken heart

Fell the lonely leaf,

All its kith and kin have

Already left it short ago.


The loneliness that killed it

Already killed before its fall!

Alone, it stood optimistically

Looking for a new cousin to come.


None knew the strength

And muscles of the supporter,

As it was wrapped with outfit!

Now the darkness is exhibited,

With well-built cuts and curves

On its body, its body show

Bares it has another side of

Handsomeness, which none glance!


When a crescent smile is

Seen between its hands,

When few birdies sit on its biceps

And chirp looking at the smile,

When the feathery clouds

Swim across the mass body,

Its beauty seems a priceless one..

Soon it would be adorned

With a new dress,

But after a stage show of

A great dancer called rain..


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