A few words for you…

          Many things around us feel us proud and there are certain things which are rare and unique. To the every eyes in this world there is something, something which attracts them, even if they are powerless, their inner potential always speaks its best. Here there are such a delightful and elegant words of an enchanting nous, spoken to express what it really means..!

Few but infinite….

“Whenever you are out of my sight,

I fall in your thoughts thinking you are safe!

It doesn’t bother me wherever you are,

I just want to know that you are happy

because your joy is my happiness!”

Once when the world was celebrating her day,

‘Mother’s day’, you presented me the gift

Which everyone like me wishes to get

A small trophy on which it was scribbled by you

“World’s Best Mother”

Due to overjoy and happiness, she decided

To fulfil all his wishes on the day,

Because she was taken to a new world

By her son!

He got all he wanted,

He played a lot on the day,

The sweets, the chocolates, the biscuits,

The toys,  the dresses, and whatever he wished for!

That day the mother and the son spent

a lot of time in happiness and enjoyments!

“today is your day, when you lift up

Your legs to step on to your next step,

Are you really completing twenty one, my son?

Because, in my mind, you are still that

New born baby

Who cries for milk!!

I take care of you, I risk my life

thinking nothing must make you cry!”

“Whenever you cry, I run upon you

To grasp you on hands to make you laugh,

When your cute rose face smiles in between the cry

I become satisfied,

But here I could find nothing special!”

“Whenever someone around you pushes you hard on a swing,

I can feel that your eyes look for me,

Thinking I can stop you

Then I can see thee fear within your mind,

Even though you don’t tell  it

And I feel you can understand it!

Here I’m having only one thing to say, my love

don’t afraid because

I will never let you wander in the dark!

Sometimes when you cry adamantly,

I’m unable to beat you because

You take away the stick from my hand

But I ignore you, thinking, fulfilling all your wishes

Make me proud!!

Then oh… I come to see you stop crying…

I knew you are just kidding

because.. are you not a kid!?!

And … Being a son, My son, I don’t know whether

You will be having a tool to measure

The depth of my heart!

because the love and care for you

Is just like the eternal world !

Who dares to find out its expansion?

Even though it happens,

Who can actually???  Answer me..”

“I will be there in front of you, to play the role of anyone you like,

as one who cares you, as one who plays with you,

As one who makes you  laugh,

as one who wipes away your tears,

as a friend, as a toy with which you can play …

I’m ready to be so… My child!

because more than “you are mine

I’m Yours!!”



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