My Wish Come True..


The essence of the life is nothing but heaven

It isn’t mere heaven but feels to be hell even

Because there are many ups and downs

We may have to trounce all these for crowns!

In the lifecycle, somebody comes, somebody goes,

Somebody stays in our heart laying the basement at the bottom

With whom we share our glees and woes,

They may live in us and console us from the fathom.

Their happiness becomes our happiness

Their sadness be, of course, our sadness!

This life always seems like a journey of bus,

Where people may get into and halt!

Strangers come and sit beside us

But we never value them which is our fault,

If we spend a little time to know about them,

And when they halt in their stop

We realize them as the gem!

When those strangers become closer,

How long be the journey, it doesn’t bother!

We find our way less as a traveler,

Hence, I wish them to be a full time traveler,

Till my destiny! It doesn’t put out me

Wherever they board, but to be with me!

Let my wish come true

Like the existence of universe is true!



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