Its nothing but… something… more than a world..


Long or short ago,

In an unspecified time,

Toddlers started to crawl,

It’s a clamber of madness!

An utopia is evolved with

 It’s king and queen of highly crapped,

Everything around them are the subjects,

The one who always wears the yellow dress is the leader.

all the creatures are born for them.

The queen has the spirit

and the king has the guts

No invaders could even dream

To surmount  their kingdom.

The World has many things to perceive,

certain things have its own beauty and purity,

But their world is dazing and glazing…

Because they are the innocent kids….

A respectful salute to the

Best CUTIES of their own world….


Shade of hope…


As always, It makes us wonder

What the other side would have,

Its easy interesting to espy

And to get lost in the world of counting

 The cents of drops from inside!

Each and every droplets

Fall one after the other ensconcing

The other side illogically wonderful!

Perhaps, the colossal blue would be sky,

Light silver would be the horizon,

There is the weary road with unalike

Travelers who are counting the cents like me.

Many such assumptions

Would be right or could it be wrong!

Similar is the case in our life cycle,

Many droplets hole up the other phase

As a surprise, it could be anything!

Anyhow its always impressive and

Exotic to coddle in gazing the drops

Of further ….

May the droplets bring new

Rays of surprises !

Let its refraction light up

A positive hope in the world.!

Veiling with a MaSk…


Consciousness within the unconsciousness

Once said me “The world is so blind where darkness

Is known really and nearly with a perfect shape!

When you take the shape of an artist,

You tend to picture the shades of different status

As a teacher, police, engineer, advocate and so on

Whose movements of life are to calm down the

Hitches of other dreamers of the same home called world!”


It’s words were still heard clearly

“You are on the way that of market,

Where many things are seen on either sides,

At a point you see a shop of different masks,

Where you can choose only one,

As it has no guarantee you can’t return it back!

There are the masks of a doctor, engineer, minister,

Accountant, labourer and many limitless faces!

The next steps to be walked up are wearing the masks,

And it makes you compulsory to wear it as you have

No other way to flee away from the way!

Nobody knows where you would bound,

But, you have to move on with apposite

Deeds of the mask and you get accustomed to it!

All through the way, your mask supports to step on!

If you disguise with another mask, either, you win or lose,

It depends on the luck that follows you!

But my dear, my advice to you, whatever be the mask,

Walk on the right way to cheer the other maskers!”


Echoing words of unconsciousness had evoked

The real consciousness in me to awaken my conscience…


Bond that is bold


Many a thing to see upon

In a world which is open

Where closeness plunged deep

Inside where it rightly deserves to creep!

You scribble on me hardly,

You scratch on me so painfully,

You thrust strong on me

To reveal everything to me

You know, whether you scribble,

Or you scratch, or thrust or nibble,

I am hurt never more or less,

As it always makes a smile of bliss.

Because more than that, you paint

Striking pictures of my conscience,

Adorn me with your magical power

As you craft everything for a lover.

Your way of approach is a surprise,

The climax, each time you leave me is a phrase

To recollect, remember, often and often

And smile at it often and often and often..

You dance on me well as I am a stage

Of strong base and solid mind to encourage

For each and every blunder you do

Of no matter the audience is one or two…

Since the time you found me,

A rigid bond has been born

That nothing can secede us both,

Not even the time would dare to do…

Because of our bold bond,

A new utopia has evolved where

Many things happen uncaring the time

That even sunset happens at the dawn..

We are born to live on together,


When you are called streaking “QUILL

I am called  glorious “DIARY”….







Unrequited desires….


                    Never had or expected such a time,

When we were parts of impish crime;

There was one to conquer us,

His eyes were the only huge fuss!

Let he be called head master,

thence we are called crack blasters!

Physics may be the best yawning,

But English generates the best dozing,

Maths is the best gaffe with digits,

But chemistry is the terror clown with rigid,

When dishonest are teachers,

But kings are we cheaters!

Elders used to be in front of us and we are humble,

But when we are out of them, we are really jumble;

Quite often, I drown in those recalling days.

Because many moments take me there in many ways!

I’m waiting for those days, will those come ever?

Still I wait for those though never, never, never!


The joy of dressing..


In an autumn morning,

Shining was the bright sun,

When the chill breeze took

Away the shining dust,

It was a time for the last!


With a broken heart

Fell the lonely leaf,

All its kith and kin have

Already left it short ago.


The loneliness that killed it

Already killed before its fall!

Alone, it stood optimistically

Looking for a new cousin to come.


None knew the strength

And muscles of the supporter,

As it was wrapped with outfit!

Now the darkness is exhibited,

With well-built cuts and curves

On its body, its body show

Bares it has another side of

Handsomeness, which none glance!


When a crescent smile is

Seen between its hands,

When few birdies sit on its biceps

And chirp looking at the smile,

When the feathery clouds

Swim across the mass body,

Its beauty seems a priceless one..

Soon it would be adorned

With a new dress,

But after a stage show of

A great dancer called rain..